Networks API

Synced offers the big advantage of bringing together more than 50 affiliate networks. With this call you will get a list of available networks, their ID, their name and the associated country. Using your own Affiliate Network Credentials, you can rapidly create custom network independent widgets and apps, reducing development time from months to days, and drastically lowering ongoing costs.

API Function: get_networks


Name Type Description
username string Your API username. You should have received this with your account
subscription_id string Your Subscription ID. You can copy or regenerate it from your API management interface.


Response fields:

Name Type Description
network_id numeric The unique ID associated with the affiliate network
network_name string The affiliate network's name
country_id numeric The country id for which the network is joined


$api_username             = '*******';
$api_subscription         = '*******';

        $client    = new SoapClient('https://synced.io/api/v2?wsdl');
        $networks  = $client->get_networks($api_username, $api_subscription);			
catch(Exception $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();