02.02.2020 Added products call in Products API
02.04.2020 Added count_products field in get_merchants call
07.05.2020 Added claim_requests call in Content API
20.05.2020 Added regenerate_subscription_id call in Account API
26.05.2020 Added get_networks_configurations call in Account API
28.05.2020 Added delete_network_configuration call in Account API
03.06.2020 Added edit_network_configuration call in Account API
23.06.2020 On the get_commisions_report call from the SOAP API we have added 4 more fields which store the original values of the sales, comissions, and currency the way they were recorded on the networks
03.06.2021 Added subaccounts for the clients who want to use our network configurations
10.09.2021 Added get_not_joined_programs - lets the client find the programs that are not joined for their accounts
24.09.2021 Added apply_to_programs - lets the client apply to the programs directly from our API