Receive real time notifications

Receive real time notifications for programs

Step 1 . Go to My Account >> Tools
Step 2 . Fill in Postback Url and Postback Password ( Postback Url must be a public url from your side which will be called by our platform every time when a program state is changed to not_join)
Step 3 . Prepare your Postback Url to receive the data according with the following format we send


  "statistics_date":"2015-01-01 23:56:01",
  "click_date":"2015-01-01 23:56:01",

The data is json encoded and sent through the POST method using parameter "notification"


$notification = (isset($_POST['notification']) && $_POST['notification'] <> '') ? $_POST['notification'] : FALSE;

if ($notification)
	$data = json_decode($notification);	
	if (json_last_error() == JSON_ERROR_NONE && $data->token == MD5(YOUR_PASSWORD))