This API call returns the merchants products.

API Function: get_products

API EndPoint



Name Type Description
username string Your API username. You should have received this with your account
subscription_id string Your Subscription ID. You can copy or regenerate it from your API management interface.
country_id numeric The ID of the country to return descriptions for. This field must be always equal or greater than 1
offset numeric Enter the start point from where the API should return the rows
limit numeric Enter the number of rows that API should return.
order_by string Order the results . Can take one of the following values ['product_id', 'product_title', 'product_price', 'product_salediscount', 'product_salediscount']
merchant_id numeric The ID of the desired merchant. You can use this parameter to get offers provided by a specific merchant. To obtain a list of merchants please read the "Merchants" section.
category_id numeric The ID of the desired category. Use this to obtain offers belonging to a single category. To obtain a list of categories please read the "Categories" section.
search_term string Use this if you want to filter the results based on a specific keyword.
extra_currency string Use this if you want to get the original price converted in a specific currency. You should use currencies iso codes


Response fields:

Name Type Description
product_id numeric The unique ID associated with the product
merchant_id numeric The unique ID of the merchant associated witht he product
program_id numeric The id of the program associated with the product
product_title string The product title (utf8 encoded)
product_description string The product description (utf8 encoded)
product_price numeric The product price
product_currency string The product currency
price_in_extra_currency numeric The product price in currency requested
product_image string The product image
product_brand string The product brand
product_category string The product category
product_onsale string The product onsale status
product_salediscount numeric The product sale discount
product_ean string The product ean code
affiliate_url string The product affiliate url (url encoded)


$api_username      = '*******';
$api_subscription  = '*******';
$api_country_id    = 221; // replace with your country id
$offset            = 0;
$have_products     = TRUE;


    $client = new SoapClient('https://synced.io/api/v2_products?wsdl', array('trace' => 1));

    while ($have_products)
        $soapstruct = array("offset" => $offset, "limit" => "100");
        $response   = $client->get_products($api_username, $api_subscription, $api_country_id, $soapstruct);

        if (!isset($response->product) || empty($response->product))
            $have_products = FALSE;
            die('No products');

        $offset += 100;                

} catch (Exception $e)

    echo $client->__getLastRequest() . "\n";