Apply to programs

If you want to apply for the programs that you haven't yet established a relationship with (the programs that have the status "not joined" in the affiliate networks), you can use this feature. You will be able to apply to programs directly from our API, without going through the affiliate networks to do so and track the status of the application. Thus, this call will provide you an unique ID, status and message for the apply call.

API Function: apply_to_programs


Name Type Description
username string Your API username. You should have received this with your account
subscription_id string Your Subscription ID. You can copy or regenerate it from your API management interface.
program_id numeric The ID of the program for you want to apply. This field must be always equal or greater than 1


Response fields:

Name Type Description
code string Can be one of the following values error or success
apply_id numeric The id of the apply or 0 if the code is error
message string The message returned by our platform
dt_applied string The date when you have applied for this program
status string The status of the apply
$api_username      = '*******';
$api_subscription  = '*******';
$api_program_id    = 1; // replace with the program id for you want to apply

        $client    = new SoapClient('https://synced.io/api/v2?wsdl');
        $response  = $client->apply_to_programs($api_username, $api_subscription, $api_program_id);			
catch(Exception $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();