Clicks Report

This API call returns a detailed report about clicks made through your affiliate links. Thus, you can analyze your performance based on several criteria: when the click was made, the client's ip, the merchant for which the click was made, the member ID, the network or if the click originated from an offer or the program's affiliate link.

API Function: get_clicks_report


Name Type Description
username string Your API username. You should have received this with your account
subscription_id string Your Subscription ID. You can copy or regenerate it from your API management interface.
start_date / end_date string These parameters will allow you to filter results based on date. You can input any date string accepted by PHP but we recomed you use the "Y-m-D H:i:s" format.
member_id string Filter results after your member id .
merchant_id numeric Get the report only for a certain merchant
offer_id numeric Get the report only for a certain offer


Response fields:

Name Type Description
click_type string Tell if the click has arrived from an offer or a program
statistics_date string Date when the clicks was made
merchant_name string The name of the merchant associated with the action
merchant_id numeric Unique ID of the merchant associated with the commission
network_name string The name of the affiliate network who recorded the action
program_name string The name of the affiliate program where this action was recorded
reference_id numeric Depending of the type of the click this field will contain program_id or offer_id associated with this click
member_id string The ID of the client's member who initiated the action
client_ip string Ip from where the click was initiated


$api_username      = '*******';
$api_subscription  = '*******';

$api_member_id     = '';  // replace with a member id to filter the data
$api_merchant_id   = 0;   // replace with your country id
$api_offer_id      = 0;   // replace with an offer id

$api_start_date    = '';  // replace with start date
$api_end_date      = '';  // replace with end date

        $client    = new SoapClient('https://synced.io/api/v2?wsdl');
        $report    = $client->get_clicks_report($api_username, $api_subscription, $api_start_date, $api_end_date, $api_member_id, $api_merchant_id, $api_offer_id);			
catch(Exception $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();