Loyalty and rewards through innovation

Rewards, cashback,
and points programmes,
are powered by synced.

Synced.io is a service that lets you easily connect
with multiple Affiliate Networks.

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Designed to manage cross-country and multi-currency

We are the source, your connector

Synced.io powers Rewards programmes across 37 countries, connecting to over 50 Affiliate networks and over 18,000 retailers.

Over 3.4M members of our partners’ schemes, earn cashback or points for their custom and loyalty, when they interact online through our Platform.

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  • 50+
    Affiliate networks
  • 37
  • 18,000
  • 3,4 million
    Client users supported

Easily aggregate content from multiple networks

Synced.io gives you faster time to market and no headache in aggregating and curating the content.
You can compliment in-house content teams with each local language and lower ongoing operational cost.

Use your own credentials


You can use your own affiliate network credentials to
build and maintain relationships with merchants,
use our network accounts and still keep 100% of the commission.

Or talk to us about a managed solution.

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Build your own loyalty and cashback applications

Manage and publish merchant funded cashback rewards to multiple touchpoints, regardless of device or application.

Using our API infrastructure and get consolidated performance reporting from each of those networks.

What can you build with Synced.io?

  • Cashback into apps or websites,
  • Loyalty programmes, you can build ancillary revenue into your application
  • Trialpay or mobile gaming monetization type applications
  • Blogger or Editorial media monitization type applications

... and much more!

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You are in control of everything

Keep control of the relationship with the network, keep control of your business model.

  • Easy to add new networks
  • Discover merchants and apply to their programmes
  • Suppress merchants or categories
  • Use transaction reports to attribute rewards
  • Fully documented API
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Synced.io works with

Loyalty Platforms

The challenges of strong competition make it more important to address clients' concerns and convince them of their decision in favor of your organisation.

The logic is simple. Choice, like options in rewards, channels, languages or currencies, defines the value of a programme.

Editorial Media

Create ancillary revenue and add loyalty to attract and retain loyal members and readers. Understand your target groups buying habits and reach consumers of all ages. Engaging your readers with a wide range of offers is key to success.

Rewards & Cashback

Your network relationships are the lifeblood of your business. Your content, your way. We do the heavy lifting making it easier to connect with those networks and scale quickly!

Spin it anyway, anywhere!

Employee Benefits

Add cashback to your portfolio of voluntary benefits. Package offers in the way that suits your customers’ employees.

Quality of content is paramount and we have the stops and checks in place to ensure just that.

Transform transactional
data into rewards


Tracks and analyse transactions made with 18,000 online retailers, and create cashback offers and rewards, based on actual consumer spend

  • Comprehensive reporting dashboard
  • Track up to 5 additional SubIDs.
  • Performance transactional reports.
  • Manage multiple applications or publishers.
  • Deliver rewards to the right people at the right time.
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Robust API that powers
applications of all sizes

Our REST and SOAP APIs offers Publishers and Developers the flexibility to pull local or online offers in any format they choose.

All of our offer APIs can be used to pull content based on location, keywords, commission rates, specific merchants and categories with various other sorting options.

No need to design for multiple integrations. Integrate deals directly into your existing publishing platforms.

Pull transaction reporting down to SubID level.

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