Get Merchant

If you would like to query a specific merchant and its associated programs and cashback offers you can use the following to search or browse through all available merchants in our catalog. Thus, you can search for a specific merchant that will have a name, an unique ID, a logo, a general description, a URL and one or more programs associated with it. The programs that can be found under a merchant have an ID, an affiliate link and a network from which it comes through in our platform. For each program there are one or more cashback offers that have the following characteristics: ID, title, value and currency.

API Function: get_merchant


Name Type Description
username string Your API username. You should have received this with your account
subscription_id string Your Subscription ID. You can copy or regenerate it from your API management interface.
merchant_id numeric Enter a merchant's ID to display
country_id numeric The ID of the country to return descriptions for. This field must be always equal or greater than 1


Response fields:

Name Type Description
merchant_id numeric The unique ID associated with the merchant
merchant_name string The merchant's name
merchant_logo string The merchant logo url
max_commissions scalar An array with max comissions for every category
merchant_description string The merchant's description
merchant_url string A link pointing to the merchant's website
programs list a list of programs associated with this merchant. Each program containing the fields bellow.


Name Type Description
program_id string The unique ID associated with this program
network_id numeric The affiliate network to which the program belongs to
network_program_id numeric The program id from the affiliate network
program_name string The program's name
program_affiliate_link string The program's affiliate link
program_status string The status of the program {joined, pending, not applied, rejected}
cashback_offers list a list of cashback offers available for this merchant. Each cashback contains the fields below


Name Type Description
offer_id string The unique ID associated with this cashback offer
title string The cashback offer title
currency string The cashback offer currency
value string The cashback value
url string Affiliate link for the program associated with the cashback offer
category_id string The unique ID of category associated with this offer
region_currency string The currency code for the region requested
region_value string The cashback value translated to the region requested
$api_username      = '*******';
$api_subscription  = '*******';

$api_network_id    = 0;   // replace with your network id
$api_country_id    = 221; // replace with your country id

        $client    = new SoapClient('https://synced.io/api/v2?wsdl');
        $merchant  = $client->get_merchant($api_username, $api_subscription, $api_merchant_id, $api_country_id);			
catch(Exception $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();