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Easily configure new networks


Connecting to existing affiliate accounts or joining new networks is quick and easy.

  1. Choose network
  2. Edit with your network credentials
  3. Choose countries
  4. Done!

Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard

Reporting dashboard

Reporting tools, up to 5 SubIDs, Transactional data, Performance reports. Manage multiple applications.

  • Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard
  • Reporting tools, up to 5 SubIDs, Transactional data,
  • Performance reports
  • Manage multiple applications.
  • Easy to use guides and Online support

Depth of content

  • Online cashback rewards, discounts and coupon codes
  • National & Local deals with Geo co-ordinates
  • All offers and terms validated for availability and accuracy
  • High resolution logos and images
  • Single tracking link format with optional SubId parameters
  • Multiple languages and currency formats
  • Instant event notification with webhooks where supported
  • Programme closure management
Robust API that powers applications of all sizes

Powerful rewards API features



Query the api against commission rates from joined merchants on your networks.

Return a list of your commission rates from a merchant or all merchants from a given country.

You can decide how you publish it to end users; as credits, gifts or cashback.

Be confident that the rate is current to your credentials.



Get a list of categories and their unique ids.

We've normalized merchants and offers into a single set of categories.

Each network has a unique way to categorize merchants and offers.

We've mapped each networks’ categories, so that you only need to map once for your application.



Returns a list of all transactions recorded with each the affiliate networks.

Rewards and cashback can be attributed based on member id and commission status

The commission report also can contain up to 5 extra parameters.

You can use this method or if your application relies on real-time updates, we support webhooks.



Returns a list with the clicks registered through our platform to the merchants' websites.

Understand behaviour, based on date and time, source, member id and IP address

Follow up on customer transactions or use for marketing analysis.

You've the option to suppress and exclude recognised bot traffic from within our UI



Query the api against countries where we have integrated with networks.

Returns a list with our standards for countries and their ids.

You can use this data to filter the data returned by the offers call.

We currently have 37 countries available in US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.



Query the api against supported currencies.

Commissions rate currencies can be requested in the original currency of the programme or in the local currency of the end user.

Currency spot exchange rates are updated hourly, using Openechangerate, with 165 world currencies



Query the api against impressions recorded.

Impressions are recorded against views of our hosted logos, including referrer and the client ip.

Useful for merchant and advertiser insights.



If you would like to get a list of languages, you can use the following to search or browse through all available languages in our catalog.

You have options in our UI around porting programmes from merchants in the English language to selected regions in the local language



Query the api against any given merchant.

Returns specific data from our catalogue for a given merchant. Useful to get merchant programs, terms and conditions for the programs .



Query the api against all merchants available to any given country.

Returns merchant data including description, logo, merchant id etc..

You have options in our UI around porting programmes from merchants in the English language to selected regions in the local language



Query the api against supported networks and their ids

This API call returns a list of available affiliate networks..



Query the api against online offers, daily deals and voucher codes.

Returns offer type, title, description, start and end date, discount, promotional codes and more..

Offers are dynamic and can end before initially published end dates.

We validate every offer and ensure you have up to date and relevant offers .

Shortlink Sources


Query the api against your sources and their ids

Add multiple sources from within our UI to manage multiple applications, publishers or clients.



Query the api against cashback offers from joined merchants on your networks.

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Synced.io works with

Loyalty Platforms

The challenges of strong competition make it more important to address clients' concerns and convince them of their decision in favor of your organisation.

The logic is simple. Choice, like options in rewards, channels, languages or currencies, defines the value of a programme.

Editorial Media

Create ancillary revenue and add loyalty to attract and retain loyal members and readers. Understand your target groups buying habits and reach consumers of all ages. Engaging your readers with a wide range of offers is key to success.

Rewards & Cashback

Your network relationships are the lifeblood of your business. Your content, your way. We do the heavy lifting making it easier to connect with those networks and scale quickly!

Spin it anyway, anywhere!

Employee Benefits

Add cashback to your portfolio of voluntary benefits. Package offers in the way that suits your customers' employees.

Quality of content is paramount and we have the stops and checks in place to ensure just that.