1. Can I configure affiliate networks directly from the API?

Yes, the affiliate networks can be configured directly from the API

2. Do you have any documentation for your API ?

Yes, we provide a documentation for the API and you can find the full documentation here

3. Do you offer support for the API integration ?

Yes, we offer support for the API integration.

4. Does your platform offer postback features ?

Yes, we offer postback features. Synced platform has the possibility of sending real time notifications when a new commission is recorded, when a commission or a program changes its status or when a merchant is suppressed or unsuppressed. Each notification provides enough details for you to be able to identify these commissions, programs or merchants and decide what is to be done from your side. You can process these notifications directly on your server.

5. Does your tracking links support deep linking ?

Yes, our tracking links support deep linking by adding it as a parameter

6. How much time does it take for the content to be available in your API ?

Our content team usually verifies the data in a time frame of maximum 8 hours, but this may vary depending on the time zone

7. What type of api's or integrations do you provide ?

Clients can choose between SOAP or REST API


1. Can I control the content directly from my synced.io account

Yes, the content can be directly controlled from you synced.io account. You have the possibility of choosing the categories of the merchants you want to work with. In order to suppress a category and thus not receiving the merchants that fall into that category in your API, you have to select the category and then choose suppress. You will then see that the status of the category will change from Active to Suppressed

2. Can I use synced.io to create and analyze performance reports?

Yes, synced.io offers the necessary tools to create and analyze performance reports.

3. Do you offer management for my affiliate account (create accounts, apply to programs) ?

Yes, this feature is only available for the Enterprise plan.

4. Do you offer products feeds?

Yes, we offer product feeds.

5. Do you standardize (curate) the content that comes from the affiliate networks ?

Yes, more precisely, each program is assigned to a merchant (we create a general description for that advertiser, we create a logo and we associate a URL.). Then, we assign it to a country and a category (clothing and footwear, health and beauty, travel, etc) and we verify the cashback offers. Generally, the cashback offers from the affiliate networks are not so intelligible. We make sure to create a title for the cashback that an advertiser offers that can be easily understood by the users.

6. What if you don't have an affiliate network that we need to work with ?

No problem, the integration of the new network is on us!

7. What kind of data will be available in your platform ?

Our customers can manage merchants, cashback offers, online discounts or transactions directly through their Synced.io account, where they can also analyze their overall performance reports.

8. What's the process of validating the online offers/voucher codes? Do you manually verify them?

Yes, they are manually verified by the content team.

9. Which affiliate networks do you support ?

Synced.io powers rewards programmes from all over the world and integrates almost 100 affiliate networks, with more than 18000 retailers.

10. Why am I seeing clicks, but no sales?

There are a number of reasons why a sale might not be recorded: The user may have cleared their cookies before purchase; The user might come from a country not supported by the Merchant Program; Sales are accredited with the dropping of a cookie, the user may be using an ad-blocking software that blocks cookies on their browser; The Merchant cancelled the commission.


1. Can I use multiple websites, applications with a single account ?

Yes, the feature is available only for the Enterprise plan

2. Can I work with advertisers that cannot be found in the affiliate networks/without going through an affiliate network?

Yes, we offer this feature only in the Enterprise plan

3. Can we apply to affiliate programs direcly from your platform ?

Yes, this feature is only available for the Enterprise plan.

4. Do you offer claim requests directly from your platform ?

Yes, we offer claim requests directly from our platform where the API provided by the networks allows this

5. Do you provide a free trial ?

Yes, we provide a 1 month free trial.

6. Does synced.io retain any percentage of the cashback/commission coming through from the networks?

No, synced.io does not retain any percentage of the cashback/commission coming through from the networks

7. Does your platform offer share split ?

Each category of products has a percentage associated with it, that stands for the percentage of the commission that you want to retain for yourself, if you don’t want to offer your members the whole percentage of the commission they earned.

8. How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do when working with our platform is to create an account in an affiliate network and get accepted to at least one program/advertiser. Then, you select the network from your Synced account and you fill in with your network credentials. One of the members from the Synced team verifies the configuration details, makes sure that all of them are correct and then approves it. The network will then change its status from Pending to Joined. From now on, the data from the affiliate network that you added to Synced is imported in our platform: programs, discounts, vouchercodes, cashback offers, transactions (if there are any).

9. How do you track the sales ?

You can use affiliate-defined sub-ID tracking to help you manage your sales. Each network gives this "sub ID" tracking a different name, but in a nutshell it appends the text (or code) that you want to the URL. You can then run reports at the network level for that sub-ID.

10. How many subids can I track using your platform ?

We offer 5 sub -IDs and 1 source ID

11. How ofthen does your platform sync the data from the affiliate networks ?

For the reports the data is synced almost every hour for most networks and the rest of the data is synced daily.

12. What is the difference between an affiliate network and your platform ?

The logic behind our platform is that you have access to all your data from the affiliate networks in one single place, without having to browse through each of your affiliatenetwork accounts.

13. What is the process of transferring the money from the affiliate account? Is synced.io involved in the process?

No, synced.io is not involved in the process. The networks pay you directly in your account.

14. What is the response time for any issues that can appear from the point of sending a ticket request ?

The average response time for a ticket is a maximum of 8 hours, but this may vary depending on the time zone.

15. What sets apart synced.io from other competitors on the market?

Synced.io brings you everything in one place: reporting tools, programs, vouchers, cashback, online offers, product feeds and much more.

16. What type of applications can be built with synced.io ?

Our API was created and designed for affiliate marketers who are either developers or have development resources to work with. With the Synced.io API you can create anything from a dynamic super mall to a range of niche coupon sites, cashback websites, and have complete control over the code (including HTML) and the content calls to populate your websites.

17. Who is synced.io for ?

Anyone who is looking to have all the data from multiple affiliate networks in one place. Synced.io can be used for loyalty platforms, editorial media, rewards and cashback sites or employee benefits platforms.

18. Will Synced overwrite my existing affiliate links?

Synced.io is using its own structure of tracking links which give the possibility to add sub-IDs and source ID, but in the end, it uses the publisher's affiliate links to redirect the user to the advertiser's website.