What is Cashback and how rewards and loyalty companies work with affiliate cashback?

The concept of cashback has been around for years and has been used in many ways to attract customers in online shopping and also to encourage incremental sales.

One of the most popular type of loyalty systems, cashback means receiving back a part of your money spent on online shopping. Beside the obvious advantage of saving money every time you purchase something online, cashback is beneficial for all the parties involved in the process: the advertiser, the publisher and the customer. Everyone wins.

Cashback sites are the most common form of using this reward system and also the most profitable type of publishers within the affiliate marketing industry. The logic behind a cashback website is based on displaying a wide range of online stores (advertisers) with which the cashback website has an affiliate relationship so that every time a member of the cashback website clicks on the affiliate link and is redirected on the advertiser’s website and buys something from there, he/she will receive back a percentage of the amount spent. Building a cashback website requires a lot of work, especially when the developers have to build from scratch the process of tracking the transactions via the affiliate networks. This is where one of the most important players of the affiliate marketing enters the scene: the affiliate networks.

Affiliate networks are the place where the advertisers meet the publishers and where all the tools necessary for the affiliate marketing are displayed : discounts, voucher codes, cashback, affiliate links, banners, transaction reports and many more. Each and every affiliate network have their own way of sending this data.

A cashback website requires a sort of transfer of the above mentioned data from the affiliate networks. The easiest way to do this is by using a service that processes the data and makes it ready to use for the cashback website.

Affiliate cashback is a tool used by companies to build loyalty programs and stay ahead of the competition. From customized cashback platforms for employees to platforms that turn cashback into points or websites that use cashback for charity, affiliate cashback is one of the most versatile tool of the affiliate marketing.

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