How rewardStyle Turned Instagram into an Affiliate Marketing Wonderland


How rewardStyle Turned Instagram into an Affiliate Marketing Wonderland

From the vision of a 23-year-old fashion blogger to a critically acclaimed content monetisation platform, rewardStyle has completely revolutionised the way top tier style influencers and brands connect with consumers. Today, the platform is used by more than 9000 global style setters, who leverage rewardStyle’s turnkey ecosystem of services to maximise their presence, and their profits. Alongside easy to use tech products, strategic consulting and education services, rewardStyle offers its members access to its avant-garde mobile publishing and distribution platform. Cue the insurgency… – How it works

Like all social media platforms, is an absolute dream to use. Simply like a photo featuring a tag, and will send a curated list of ready-to-shop products straight to your inbox. From fashion and homewares to beauty and lifestyle, Instagram users are able to recreate their favourite looks, in just a few clicks of the mouse. The customised, image centric ‘wish lists’ include direct links to retailers where showcased items can be purchased.

For Instagrammers, it eliminates the whole “where can I find this?” drama and replaces it with instant access to featured products, at their fingertips. Now that’s something everyone would like to know. For digital style influencers, represents a chance to earn meaningful revenue on their content, and monetise their accounts into thriving small businesses. Basically, it’s a consumer facing, ready-to-shop, mobile friendly platform that empowers millions of socially inspired shoppers, across the globe. To date, it’s drummed up more than $100 million in sales to retail partners, and scored more than 1.9 million Instagram followers that can’t get enough of its content.

Where did rewardStyle go right?

Not all businesses get it right, especially when it comes to navigating the complex and multifaceted social media arena. So where did rewardStyle go right?

  1. Influencers are the new ‘brands’. was the first platform to leverage the fact that Instagram fashion influencers are now just as powerful as the brands they wear. The latest research proves this point, with MuseFind revealing that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than a traditional advertisement or celebrity endorsement.
  2. A sense of elitism. What really defines rewardStyle is its invitation only model. This underpins it with a sense of exclusivity, and ensures that members feel honoured to receive an invitation, as opposed to hassled.
  3. Instagram exclusive. Social media has reinvented the way brands communicate with customers, and Instagram is at the forefront of the movement. Today, research shows that a huge 96% of US fashion brands are on Instagram, which really comes as no surprise given that fashion is such an aesthetically dominated market. For brands, Instagram unlocks opportunities to entice followers with stylised lifestyle snapshots of their collections, and tap into the intrinsic human infatuation with imagery.
  4. What Instagrammers want. Following the fierce success of, rewardStyle went on to launch Amber Box, rewardStyle co-founder explains, “As a company, we started in fashion, but as our influencers grew up, and they and their followers started to care about dressing their homes, and brands and retailers in other verticals began to recognize the retail demand generated by our Influencers, home became an obvious extension.”

When it comes to case studies that make our hearts flutter, rewardStyle’s launch is definitely up there. is a service that lets you easily connect with multiple Affiliate Networks. To request a demo click here.



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