Employee engagement

According to studies where Bersin by Deloitte is one of the sources “enormous changes are ahead” for the workplace in 2015. The biggest disruption in most industries this year is employee engagement.

As the workplace now shifts more and more to out of office places, we work from home, in coffee shops, on airplanes, and often late at night, HR departments sometimes have a hard time to keep up. Employees now a a days have  tools and technologies at their fingertips to find information, write, communicate, and analyze data like never before. And thanks to the growth of cognitive computing technologies, we will all soon have thinking machines in our phones, machines that monitor where we are, what work to do, what customer problems to solve, and even what HR problems to address.

Much of this transition has been positive, but much has also been difficult. Many of us are “overwhelmed employees” and our research shows that employee engagement and retention is at an all time low. While many people are still looking for work, more and more people are getting fed up with the 24/7 work environment around us, so they go to social websites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor and jobs are offered to them.

As employees  move from opportunity to opportunity their job company culture has to engage, inspire and motivate beyond salary. It puts the pressure on employee benefit companies to be as relevant as can be. A good source of offerings is key to success.

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