Changes to our SOAP API

In line with our name change you as a customer will be asked to make some changes in your connection with our API.

We will continue to support the old APIurls until May 30th. In fact, we have applied a redirect from the old domain to the new one so for most of the application clients it should still work as normal.

However is up to the application clients you use, if they accept the redirect or not. It will be best if you could replace the old url with the new one, sooner rather than later. We’re asking our subscribers to make the changes ahead of this deadline in any event.

Step by step instructions for maintaining your connection with our API:

  1. Replace with

  2. Replace any short link which use with

  3. In the new api ( we are delivering updated short links. Check that short links are updated.

eg :…needs to be replaced with…needs to be replaced with

  1. Replace any offer images and logos using with

  2. Check that image urls are updated

eg :…

needs to be replaced with…


If you have any further questions or have trouble with your connection. Please contact us on


Kind regards

The Team


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